Approach To Care

Vision for caring and professional services

Economical Products

SGGS products are economical to be in reach of common man. Even being economical, quality of products is not compromised for sooner recovery of patients.

Patient Benfits

With SGGS patients feel better about themselves. Patients, family and staff communicate more effectively. Body and mind heal more quickly. The Patient enjoys the best possible quality of life.

Teachnical Expertize

With panel of expert professionals, SGGS is committed to applying global and technological approach to a market segment, which has until now been relatively untouched be these new developments.

Based in New Delhi (India), We are a leading provider of orthopedic and medical equipments serving all segments of the healthcare that helps improve patient and hospital outcomes. Our Produts like hinged Knee Support, Ankle Support, Elbow Support, Varicose Vein Support, Compression Garment, Arm Sling, Scaral Belt and many more are fabricated with finest of yarn and Malaysian rubber.
We, being a client centric enterprise, consistently concentrate towards fulfilling all the requirements of our esteemed clients by rendering quality products. We have garnered and retained a vast client base by offering them excellent quality services and hence can proudly say that our customers have bestowed their full trust in us.

Some of our products are:
Cervical Coller, Cervical Collar with Support, Philladelphia Collar, Shoulder Immobilizer, Clavicle Brace, Arm Sling Pouch, Wrist Support, Forearm Braces, Tennis Elbow Support, Rib Belts, Chest Binder, Lumbo Sacral Belts, Dorso Lumber Brace, Traction Belts, Abdominal Belts, Knee Braces, ROM Knee Brace, Hinged Knee Brace, Knee Cap, Ankle Supports, Heel Cushion, Insole and Finger Splints.

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